It all started when about a dozen enthusiasts were meeting every Sunday at the Woy Woy Leisure Centre to try to master floorball under the direction of Alan Clay. When the idea of creating a Floorball club and organising our first comp was floated, it did not take long for a committee to be organised and get the ball rolling.

Our Achievements….

  • Peninsula Floorball Club founded in March 2011
  • Acquired a new rink with the help of NSW Floorball Association
  • 160+ players now registered and playing the local comp.
  • Junior Australian Championship winning teams
  • Many Australian representative players
  • Junior floorball program running weekly (first club in NSW to organise such program).(Over the last to years our juniors program has grown into a full juniors competition and has now been split into four group [juniors, intermediate ,  youth  and senior youth, to accommodate the rapid increase of young players giving peninsula Floorball largest juniors competition in Australia).
  • Introducing Floorball to school through after school care program.
    • Hosting Australia and New Zealand wide junior tournaments

Being a new club, and lesser known sport, we are faced with the challenge of financing items to aid our athletes.  Sponsors play an integral part in the future of our club ….please acknowledge their contribution by viewing them on our website. 

The aim of our club is to promote the sport of floorball amongst both gender and all ages. It is a fast and skilful sport and being a non-contact sport, make it an attractive alternative sport. Field hockey and Ice Hockey players will find the transition to floorball very easy but as we have seen in our  competition, many first time players have acquired skills very quickly.

New players are invited to join the fun…so why not checking us for beginners sessions. Competition day/night for Junior, Intermediates, Youth, Senior Youth, and Mixed Seniors are held on Tuesday’s at the Peninsula Leisure Centre in Woy Woy. Refer to contact page for additional info.

Our targets are to:

  • Promote the sport of Floorball in our area
  • Grow our junior and seniors membership
  • Participate with NSW Floorball Association in promoting the sport in other region of the Central Coast.
  • Actively encouraging members to assist with coaching juniors, referring matches, & bench duty.


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